The Marriage Between Your Offline Advertising and Digital Strategy

According to Forrester Research, 46% of in-store purchases are influenced by consumers who have first done their research online. That’s a pretty powerful argument in favour of having a website even if you only have a local business. Marrying your online and offline strategies is a good idea. They could make beautiful music together!

If you think about your own purchasing habits, you’ll probably agree that the internet can be very influential. And a great website can even make a very small business look impressive. The right combination of design, search engine optimisation, and branding together can help everyone from a one-person services company to a large chain retailer be an authority in their market. Become the authority in your market online and you could become the de facto standard in your area.

Because the internet is so influential, it’s wise to use all available tools to help you attract new customers and keep existing customers engaged.

Here are some tips:

  • Combine blogging and offline advertising efforts with consistent messaging. A WordPress blog, either as your main site or attached to your existing optimized but static website, could make a big impact on your traffic levels.
  • Work to become an authority online for your niche. Organic search engine optimisation rankings, social marketing activities, and other efforts can help in this area. This is especially important in competitive industries. If you become known as a subject matter expert, you’ll attract more buyers, even if your local competition is cheaper than you are!
  • Work with an expert local SEO company to ensure that you have the right online infrastructure in place. A local SEO consultant will also understand your geographical area so that you can appeal online and offline and they can help you with your branding, your strategy, your organic and paid search campaigns, and relationship marketing that helps you turn visitors to your site into a lead.