Digital Strategy: What Your Campaigns Miss

“Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. It’s not a matter of being better at what you do; it’s a matter of being different at what you do. While I quote this, let me also state that ‘hope is not strategy’ and this stands very true when discussed in the context of digital media.”

– Michael Porter

And I couldn’t agree more! Let me explain why.

If your social media marketing includes a post or two on Facebook, few conversations on Twitter and some campaigns on Instagram, and you hope that it will generate big conversations about your brand or will take you towards your desired goal, then you’re mistaken and even doomed.

Every business is closing this concept of increasing the RANDOM social media postings on their channels with a hope of getting extraordinary results one fine day. This used to work a few years ago but today the digital world demands more than just some (random) creatively led campaigns. Digital marketing needs to start with what message are you looking to promote in digital, who are you looking at promoting your message to and the most important one – why will those people care about your message?!

Whether you are a big shot in your industry or an enthusiastic start-up striving to win hearts on the internet, you need to have answers for the following basic questions:

· What are the various segments of people you talk to?

· What is the message you want to communicate?

· Why should they listen to you?

· What is the tonality?

· What is it that you want the person to be left with after engaging?

– Emotional Call for Action

· What is it that you want the person to do after he/she engages?

– Physical Call to Action

Once the answers to the above questions are clear, build the strategy platform by platform or take some professional help from a strategic marketing and consulting agency. This brings me to the ‘doing differently’ aspect of strategy stated by Porter. Following this framework, you can ensure that you have the right digital strategy for your digital marketing efforts, which will be unique in all manners.

Here’s a list of things that you should keep in mind while developing the digital strategy for your business:

· Ensure that the data is measured and analyzed to see what works the best for your business.

· Always have clarity about your business aims/objectives and what role you want social media to play in achieving them.

· See that all your social media campaigns are aligned with the overarching digital strategy and goals.

In a nutshell, posting random stuff on your channels is equivalent to not posting anything at all as it won’t deliver any value to your audience. Hence, understand your audience and strategize and channelize your digital marketing efforts accordingly.